Monday, October 11, 2010

Tata Housing - Vashind project

Tata Housing has just launched its latest "Shubh Griha" project - which is aimed at urban lower income families - at Vashind, which is 5 stops from Kalyan. The allotment for the homes (which are priced at 5.7 lakhs for a 1 RK 360 sq flat and 7.8 lakhs for a 1 BHK 489 sq flat) is on a public lottery basis as applications are expected to far exceed supply - for eg on the last project at Boisar in 2009, Tata Housing received 15000 applications on the 1500 flats that were on offer.

The lottery system does not discriminate between actual end users and investors and hence this time around, to ensure that homes go to those who need housing, Tata Housing has kept aside a special quota of 208 flats (120 1 RK flats and 88 1 BHK flats) for MHFC customers - urban lower income families who are buying homes to use as a primary residence - especially those who are financially excluded.

The project looks appealing with lots of green spaces / hospital / school - and seems to be a good opportunity for an LIG family to get a good quality house from a top name at an affordable rate and with financing (from MHFC).

For interested buyers who fit our target market (who are buying as a primary residence and are generally excluded by mainstream banks), please feel free to contact us on 22660427 / 22660069. For information, MHFC will allot on a first come first served basis.

Link to Tata Vashind Shubh Griha video

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