Monday, March 17, 2014

Rajkot Municipal Corporation to build 6,284 houses for the urban poor within two years

Per this Express article - link below - Rajkot mayor Raksha Boliya and municipal commissioner Ajay Bhadu announced that the civic body will construct 2,270 houses EWS families whose annual income is up to Rs1 lakh. It will also construct 4,514 residential apartments for the Low Income Group (LIG) of the society whose annual income is between Rs 1- 2.5 lakh. While EWS units will be one-bedroom-hall-kitchen (1BHK) flats with carpet area of 28 square metres, the LIG units will be 2BHK flats with total carpet area of 25 sq km. An EWS flat will come at Rs 3 lakh while an LIG apartment will cost Rs 8.5 lakh.

Indian Express article - Jan 23, 2014

Of course, these will be approved projects for MHFC and we will finance successful allottees who require a loan and are from our segment (financially excluded lower income families) subject to terms and conditions. 

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