Tuesday, November 11, 2014

MP Housing Board - launch of EWS / LIG housing flats

The MP Housing Board ("MPHB") has just launched approx 900 flats (432 EWS / 480 LIG) - see link below to the pdf of the brochure - which indicates that price of EWS flat is at 5.45 lakhs and price of LIG flat is at 12.31 lakhs. The scheme was launched on Nov 10, 2014 and is expected to be open for a month.

MP Housing Board scheme - pdf

Of course, these will be approved projects for MHFC, which is already working closely with and supporting allottees in Bhopal Development Authority ("BDA") schemes for EWS / LIG families - and thus, we will finance successful MPHB allottees as well who require a loan and are from our segment (financially excluded lower income families) subject to terms and conditions.

For more details on loans available, please call Mr Deepak Sarathe our representative in Bhopal on 97553-33018 or email us on contact@mhfcindia.com.

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