Thursday, February 25, 2016

Customer Story: tailor / farmer, Maharashtra

We receive several loan applications where fathers & mothers financially support their working sons and daughters by contributing to the monthly EMIs, so that these children can move into affordable housing projects after marriage.

We tend to find numerous hard-working parents, like the applicant pictured below who earns his income from two sources - his farm land (where they mainly grow onions) and his tailor shop, under the name "Mayur Tailors". Their family house is located in Chas, 14 km by road northwest of the town of Rajgurunagar, Maharashtra.

Although the 50-year-old father of one has no intention of leaving his current house, he wanted to buy a flat for his son - who is in his last semester of college. The son works part-time and will be jointly servicing our loan along with his father. 

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