Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Application form...

... is ready.

Application form

Currently only accepting applications for two approved projects:
- Vaishnavi Constructions (Virar East)
- TM City (Karjat) - http://www.tmcity.in/

More projects are in the pipeline and will be posted soon on the website

Also ready - Survey form


Blogger said...

I am planning to buy an flat in virar east. Can you please give more details on Vaishnavi construction project near chandan sar.Is this project Cidco approved , How is the locality for Middle class family, and such realted question...I dont want to loose money investing in collector approved project...Please give the details

Nachiket said...

The Virar project is CIDCO approved. Please call us at 6522 9330/31 for more details. Thanks