Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Virar pics

Before I talk about the Virar project - just yesterday I was at a microfinance conference in Delhi and the chief guest was none other than the father of microfinance - Prof Muhammad Yunus. It was great to see him and hear him speak live. Simplicity and Humility personified.

Back to our project...

Key features of the project
- Four buildings almost 70-80% complete, other four at foundation stage
- Good location - close to the railway station and on a main road
- Really good quality of construction (including fancy PoP at corners on the ceiling)
- Impressive kitchen and bathroom fittings

Few pics -

Random pic (below) from the train - the Virar temple - it can be seen from all over in Virar

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Richa said...

This is quite nice- the kitchen and bathroom fittings. I had been wondering for long that whether proper attention would be given to these two main constituents of a house. The rest of the house can be improved by furnishing/painting as and when finances improve, but it's difficult to make a kitchen and bathroom look clean and organized without actual renovation. imho..