Sunday, January 25, 2009

Time Out story - Devendra

Link to a story in the latest TimeOut Mumbai (cover story on Dharavi and its enterprising residents)- this is the one on Devendra Tank, who is a J P Morgan employee living in Dharavi.

Forget about housing loans, he wasn't granted an educational loan by a major bank because of his residential address ! His story is inspiring in any case, but also adds validity (as are some of the other stories in the issue) that people with reasonable incomes are being denied finance by the current banking system, and change is necessary.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Yes we can

another post not directly related to MHFC - but the inauguration was inspirational
the BBC has done interesting interviews with a variety of people on the inauguration - below is the link to the one with Maya Angelou - she thinks Obama is a person with intelligence and compassion - and how difficult it is to find those 2 qualities in the same person.
the other issue she raised was "I think that each of us can find a place to give some time... I think these seem to be small things but they accumulate. And I do believe that good done anywhere is good done everywhere." I know she meant this for Americans (to do what they can to help the new President) but I guess it applies to everyone.