Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Mint Article - Affordable Housing to get boost

Interesting article this morning (July 24, 2013) on possible government measures to stimulate low income housing -  acc to the report, the govt plans to allocate Rs 35,000 over 4 years to implement 3 programes related to low income housing including

- a scheme for rehabilitation of slum dwellers ;
- a scheme for providing interest rate subsidies on housing loans; and
- a scheme for helping private sector developers in this space (which includes fast track approvals, tax concessions, service tax exemptions etc)

The proposals are expected to get cabinet clearance within a month - for more details see link below:

Mint article - July 24, 2013

Latest CARE credit rating - July 22, 2013

CARE reaffirms "BBB" rating for MHFC - for an enhanced amount of Rs 100 cr (previous rating was for Rs 50 cr) long term debt - see link below for more details:

CARE Press Release - July 22, 2013