Monday, February 27, 2012

New DBS project - Surat

DBS, one of our partner developers (2 approved projects in Ahmedabad - Umang Narol and Umang Lambha), have just launched their next project in Surat (opp the Sachin railway station).

More details will be available shortly on the DBS and MHFC website but in summary, there are 128 1 RK flats and 676 1 BHK flats on offer priced at approx Rs 4.11 lakhs and Rs 7.11 lakhs respectively (excl stamp duties and charges), which we believe is well priced for our segment.

The launch was over the weekend - and from early reports, the response has been excellent - the builder has received bookings for about 50% of the flats already (with 1 RK flats believed to have sold out completely). Encouragingly, buyers are typically from the informal sector (MHFC customer segment).

For more information on the project esp on MHFC loan terms and conditions, please call our branch manager in Surat - Jignesh Patel on 9016507947 - or email us on