Friday, July 31, 2015

Home loans for SMC / AMC / GHB customers

MHFC has already sanctioned hundreds of loans for informal sector families who are buying flats in Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (“AMC”), Surat Municipal Corporation (“SMC”) & Gujarat Housing Board (“GHB”) projects. We plan to continue supporting customers who have little or no income documentation by helping them buy EWS / LIG / MIG flats in approved affordable housing projects throughout Gujarat. 

Below are some pictures of MHFC representatives and loan officers at credit camps in Ahmedabad and Surat 

MHFC would be very willing to support successful AMC / SMC / GHB allottees who require a loan and are from our segment (financially excluded lower income families) subject to terms and conditions. For more details on loans available, please call our branch manager in Surat (Jignesh Patel on 9016507947) or our branch manager in Ahmedabad (Kashyap Patel – 9925045276). Alternatively, you could email us on