Thursday, February 28, 2013

Budget 2013 - proposals related to low income housing

There seems to be very little in the 2013 Budget proposals which affect low income housing (developers / financing) - in fact just three specific items: 

• Increase in allocation to the Rural Housing Fund ("RHF") from Rs 4000 crore to Rs 6000 crore;

• New Urban Housing Fund ("UHF") to be set up with Rs 2000 cr; 
both the above schemes to be administered by the NHB (as refinance schemes). 

RHF increase (and possibly the new UHF) will help MHFC - as all our loans are less than 10 lakhs and generally to weaker sections (same objective as the RHF and possibly the UHF).


• Increase in the tax deduction on interest paid on housing loans (to 2.5 lakhs - from current 1 lakh) on home loans less than 25 lakhs

also see Mint article - Feb 28, 2013 for sops to the sector

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Virar - new projects approved - 2013

Western line stations like Virar / Naigaon / Nalasopara continue to be the most popular choice of residence for most of MHFC's Mumbai customers (looking to buy flats less than Rs 10 lakhs).

Thus, this is to inform that MHFC has recently approved several (about 10) new projects in Virar East - generally smaller (about 60 to 70 flats) when compared to our usual larger size approved projects. Not sure how many of these flats are still available but for those interested, please call our Loan Officer Gulab Patil on 9167220732 for assistance (info on status of the projects and flats availability and also terms and conditions of MHFC financing).