Friday, June 10, 2016

Customer Story: seed / grain seller, Ahmedabad

Meet Mr. Barot - an MHFC customer who recently took a Rs. 4 lakh home loan to buy a flat in an affordable housing project.
Mr. Barot sells grains / seeds at a large open ground in Ahmedabad so that the general public can feed pigeons. He sells a variety of grains including jowar, bajra, moong, chana, corn etc. Out of the numerous unique occupation types we see in our home loan applications, Mr. Barot's work is definitely a first.
His wife has been working as a maid in two households for the past 8 years. Together, they earn a monthly income of Rs. 37,000 - they even had enough savings to put a down payment of Rs. 2 lakh on the new flat! (Yes! a 1RK flat in this affordable housing project costed the Barot's Rs. 6 lakh!)
Moving into an affordable housing project means that Mr. Barot will no longer be paying any rent - and after fulfilling his EMI payments on the loan, he will finally be a homeowner. You can almost hear the pigeons of Ahmedabad cooing in glee!

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